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Transportable Homes NSW. Why the Riverbuilt approach is different.

Riverbuilt is a division of the Bell River Group. Bellriver has been established since 1993 and has divisions that specialise in Project Built Homes, Transportable Homes and Kit Homes throughout NSW and NSW

We have deliberately taken a different pathway in the manufacture of our Transportable Homes in NSW. Our homes are, unashamedly, Premium. The philosophy from our very beginnings was to manufacture a home that was unlike any other manufactured home…one that didn’t look or ‘feel’ like transportable homes typically do.
Brand New Design Range.

Our design range is the work of a professional architectural designer. The brief to the designer was to provide innovative, good looking designs that didn’t look like transportable homes. Our updated design range is the cutting edge in Transportable design and includes the following stand out features:

High roof pitch. This is possible because of our Premium delivery method. Using low-riding hydraulic “state of the art” trailers, we can produce houses that are higher with greater roof pitch and superior looks. Low roof pitch is often the one feature that makes typical transportable homes look ‘cheap’ For example; a custom project built home typically has a roof pitch of between 20 and 24 degrees, whereas most transportable homes have between 12 and 17 degrees. Our new 2013 design range have roof pitches up to 27 degrees

Built-in Verandahs. This is a feature unique to Riverbuilt. Our designs have verandahs integrated into the main design and are built in the factory. Most manufactures offer verandahs as an option, and tack them on later on site. They always look ‘tacky’ and like cheap ‘add-ons’ – which they are. Another reason they look horribly wrong is you require a high roof pitch on the main house for add on verandahs to look architecturally correct.

Eaves, Hip and Gable roofs, etc. We get the details right! For a house design to look “balanced”, you need to get all the details right. Our professional homes designs have a mixture of roof designs, (gable roofs, hip roofs, skillion roofs, split gables etc) and our designers have put a huge effort into the design details…a mixture of eave widths, verandah styles etc. These little features are things that you may never realize are the details that make a Riverbuilt design ‘architecturally’ correct, balanced and simply look ‘right’

Doors and windows. You may notice that most Transportable homes have very simple (and cheap) sliding windows and plain doors. Ours don’t! Riverbuilt homes have standard feature double hung windows to all front elevations, and glazed feature doors to match the house design.

Functional floor layouts that ‘work’. Because the design of a transportable home is always worked around the joins, it is much harder than with a conventionally designed house to get the design to flow correctly. You will notice with many typical transportable designs that the designs are what we call ‘clunky’! …the design is so governed by the joins and the limitations that presents that they are much compromised. That is why professional design is required. You will notice the ‘balance’ and ‘flow’ of the Riverbuilt designs.

Premium Manufacturing Methods

A Riverbuilt Transportable Home is built altogether differently from typical transportable construction methods

Fully welded steel Chassis base with UB chassis rails and RHS joists. To our knowledge there is no other manufacturer in Australia who uses this ‘perfect’ system, as it is generally considered ‘too expensive’ We use this premium construction method as we believe that the flooring system is the most important part of the home and that if it is super strong and rigid, we get very little movement in travel. Our aim is to deliver your home in perfect condition. Also, as the floor is so heavy and rigid and all the joins are welded, it is the quietest flooring system available. This is particularly so as all our under floors are insulated…standard!

Fully welded galvanized steel frames and trusses. Again, we use this more expensive, but far superior system as it produces a home of far greater quality…with little or no movement or flex. Combined with the steel flooring system, a Riverbuilt home is termite proof and strong…literally a home built for life!

Under cover manufacturing facility. We have a expansive under cover facility where your home is manufactured. We are not governed by the weather, and the quality of the workmanship is high and consistent. We work to strict quality assurance standards that are overseen by qualified Building Supervisors.

Higher Quality Inclusions.

We fit our homes out the best way…not the cheapest. We build them how we would like to live in them ourselves!
Insulation everywhere! Under floor, in the walls, in the ceiling and blanket and foil under the roof sheeting. 4 levels!

Kitchens. Stone bench tops. Polytec Gloss or Matt cupboards in plain or wood grain colors. Soft closing mechanisms on all doors and draws. 900mm stainless steel canopy range hood. Stainless steel dishwasher. Stainless steel Microwave. Designer 600mm splash back tiles.

Overhead cupboards. Pantry in every kitchen. Stainless steel kickboards. Multi-function stainless steel Oven. Ceran Black Glass Cook top.

Features like these are normally high cost upgrades on a Custom Built home….they are NEVER normally standard inclusion on a Transportable home!

Bathrooms. Australian made high quality wall hung designer vanities with Polytec finish, soft close doors and draws and flick mixer, full ceramic toilet pan and cistern with soft close seat, polished edge mirror, feature tiles in glass or marble, high quality metal taps and accessories.

Painted or stained wood blinds, Godfrey Hirst carpet , vinyl to Kitchen and meals.

Australia’s most advanced delivery system.

Your transportable home in NSW is delivered using possibly the most sophisticated and advanced equipment available in Australia. Normally Hydraulic trailers are used, which ride lower to the ground, and can be raised as needed to lift the house for access through gates etc. This professional system allows us to deliver to areas most people couldn’t venture, and for your home to be delivered quickly, efficiently and damage free.

Best Value Transportable Home – guaranteed!

Can we produce a home of this quality and standard at the cheapest price in the market place? Can you buy a premium German car for the price of an Asian car? ... Of course not! Our homes are not the cheapest…that was never our aim, but what we can promise you is that you will be surprised how little premium you have to pay to have the best quality transportable home available in Australia.

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You can also view our full range and comprehensive inclusions list here on our website.

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